Notary’s Office

The notary’s office of ADVOKATUR NOTARIAT KOLLER offers you comprehensive advice, preparation and notarisation of legal statements, contracts, foundations, rulings and other notarial deeds. I execute notary services in both German and English.
The notary’s office also executes notarial authentications and notarial certifications of signatures, copies of documents, copies of passport etc. The following documents are commonly executed by us:

Private Individuals

Matrimonial contracts
Inheritance contracts
Wills and testaments
Registered partnerships
Contracts of guarantee
Mediation agreements
Notarisation of contracts
Foundation acts

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Company formations (public limited company, private limited company)
Changes of by-laws / articles of association
Capital increases
Capital reductions
Corporate resolutions
Contracts of guarantee
Notarisation of Contracts
Mediation contracts
Mergers and Divisions